This tutorial was written by me June 25 - 2012
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a tube from Amy Matthews please visit CDO for a license
do not use the same tube without a license

Supplies here
the photo is my own

Filters: Filter Unlimited 2.0. photo aging kit
or another filter for the frame
Xenofex2 - constellation

export the brush and import the filter into Unlimited 2.0


Open my photo and with selection tool draw out a selection of choice
use Hue&Saturation to change the color to match your tube
I used Hue 250 Saturation 144

Adjust sharpen more

 copyNpaste a closeup as new layer and place it
blend mode to Soft light
layers merge down
select all - Image crop to selection

Filter photo aging kit select one of the frames
I used frame 02

Open a new layer 550 X 550 and paste the photo as new layer - drop shadow
duplicate two times and use deformtool to turn the two bottom layers a bit
 rezise to your liking
merge layer visible
copyNpaste your main tube and place it
crop merge opaque

add a new layer move to bottom - floodfill white
new layer
find the brush and stamp one time using a color from your tube
drop shadow

add and name I used Love
select the brush layer
Effect Xenofex - constellation

copy merge - open AS paste as new animation
repeat for a total of three frames hitting the random buttom each time

I'm not going into detailes on how to animate anymore
you all know the drill ☺

another example using Pinuptoons