I keep repeating my self on how I animate
so this is the page I will link to instead of typing it over and over again ☺


This is how I do it, I work in psp 9 it may be different in other versions..!

When I work with a filter and use the random button 
I apply the filter to the layer I want to animate, then copy merge
open AS paste as new animation 
then back in psp undo the effect
hit random button - copy merge - paste after current frame in AS
until I have all 3 or 4 or maybe 6 frames in AS


When I copy merge I just right click on my tag ( still have all layers open )
then you get this drop down menu


Crop merge opaque is done like this
and you will get a perfectly cropped tag - shadow and all ☺
 instead of something cut off your tag 


When adding an animation to a tag, and I know there are different ways to do it
but this is how I first learned it, so this is what I do ☺

See how many frames the animation has
then duplicate your tag to the same amount

select all the frames on both tag and animation
then hit propagate paste button
and drag the animation onto your tag


Optimize gif

Optimize  PNG

If your PSP is acting up, this little program can help you fix it
download Zapp

check Remove registry Keys and select the psp version you have
it doesn't remove the things you have installed, but still works as a new installation ;)