This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on November 20 - 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I'm using  tubes from Barbara Jensen  you can buy a license to use her tubes here
do not use the same tubes without a license
Barbara allowes recoloring and I colored the wings on this blue ☺

My supplies here
do not share my supplies in other tutorials without my permission


Open my supplies
mine is a layered file open and minimize the pattern

add a new layer move it to bottom floodfill white
select the star frame click inside with magicwand
modify - expand 10
new layer - floodfill with the silver pattern
select non
move this layer under the starframe

copyNpaste your tube of choice
duplicate and move one under the frame like this

erase what sticking outside the frame on the bottom on both tube layers

add drop shadow to the bottom tube only
resize the diamond and place it

add properę and your name
I placed mine on the diamond

X-out the white background layer and crop merge opaque
open background again

now merge all layers abowe the snowflake visible
and all the ones below
copy them both as new animations in AS
this is what you should have

open the snow animation it has 10 frames
duplicate both your layers to the same amount
Ctrl + a on all three hit propagate paste button
drag the snow onto the background and repeat with the top

save with default setting ☺