This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on November 19 - 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I'm using  tubes from Barbara Jensen  you can buy a license to use her tubes here
do not use the same tubes without a license

My supplies here
do not share my supplies in other tutorials without my permission.

Filter: EyeCandy 5 Impact

open the supplies and select the Pointsetta
image canvas size 600 X 600
copyNpaste the divnat as new layer resize 85%

open the ornament Shift + d to make a copy
and select the fill layer
click on it with magicwand these settings

copyNpaste your tube as new layer - resize if nessesary
place it inside the selection
selection invert - hit delete - select non
X-out the hanger and merge the rest visible
effect EyeCandy 5 Impact - Glass - preset Clear
open the hanger layer and merge layers visible
copyNpaste it as new layer on your canvas - resize to your liking
repeat with another tube and make one more bulp

cut out the hanger from the picturetubes
paste it as new layer
place it and erase so it looks like the bulps is hanging from the branch 
zoom in so you can see what your doing ☺
see my tag for reference
now add drop shadow
I used 2-2-50-5
and default setting in the divnat

now decorate with the picture tubes or what you have in your folders
and place everything to your liking

add a new layer move it to bottom flood fill white
select the pointsetta layer - layers duplicate
on the bottom one
effect Mosaic Antique

add drop shadow default setting to the top pointsetta layer
and move it a bit to the side and up

add properę and your name
I used AC1-Holly stroke 1 colors from the tag
merge layers visible
save as jpg or delete the white background and save as png ☺