This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on December 2 - 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

A little Christmas quicky ☺

Filter: VanDerLee Snowflake
My supplies here

Open the supplies and select the frame
click inside with magicwand in both the transparent areas
expand 2 - new layer - floodfill color #658cab
copyNpaste the christmas window as new layer
resize to fit in the frame
selection invert hit delete select non
move the frame on top and drop shadow it

copyNpaste the birds and move them under the frame layer
add the bear and any desired text

select the windowlayer and draw a selection like this

effect VanDerLee - Snowflake

apply select non
open AS paste as new animation
back in psp - undo
apply effect again move the random seed slider to any number
paste after current frame
repeat for a total of four frames in AS
save with default setting ☺