This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on November 23 - 2014
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I'm using a tube from Barbara Jensen you can buy a license to use her tubes here
do not use the same tubes without a license

Supplies here


Put the shape in the shape folder and open my mask in psp
Filters used: EyeCandy 6 - Textures  Crome
Kang 2 - vision of Ezekial
Xero - greyscaler

Open e new layer 550 x 550 flood fill white
new layer
make a gradient from these colors  404040 and 000000

 and flood fill
apply my mask - merge group
on the mask layer Kang 2 vision of Ezekial - default setting

copyNpaste your tube

Xero greyscaler with this setting

adjust sharpen
drop shadow - default setting

 on the group layer
select preset shape - find the swirly shape I provided and draw out a shape
convert to raster

Effect EyeCandy 6 Textured - crome this setting

same drop shadow as before

add and your name - I used Cymbeline
give the name the same Crome effect
but you might have to change the settings depending on which font you use
merge and save as jpeg or delete the white background and save as png ☺

Document made with KompoZer