This tutorial was written by me Januar 3 - 2012
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I am using a tube from Redfill from PFD do not use this tube without a license

My supplies here

Open the supplies and select the fastner
duplicate twice close the original

floodfill the base for paper on both with pattern/gradient of choice
merge the layers visible
open a new rasterlayer 600 X 600
copyNpaste both as new layers
use raster deform tool and turn them a bit
copyNpaste the wordart, pearlheart and your tube as new layers
place them to your liking
add and your name, I used MagicMarker
crop merge opaque
add a new layer move it to bottom - floodfill white

merge all layers except the background and the two fastner layers
and paste as new animation in AS
do the same with the rest of the layers
open my animation it has 15 frames
duplicate the background to the same amount and draw the animation onto your tag
repeat with the top layer
set frame properties to 100 on the first frame