This tutorial was written by me June 26 - 2012
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a tube from Jessika Dougherty visit CDO for a license
I bought mine when she was with Cilm
do not use the same tube without a license

Filter: Muras meister - pool transform
both can be found on my filter page
drop the gradient in your gradient folder if you don't have it already
Font of choice

Supplies here

Open new layer 600 X 300
floodfill with the gradient Style linear - Angle&Repeat 0 - Invert checked

Muras Pool Transform

AAAFrame default setting but change the Width to 10
use Hue&Saturation and change the color to match your tube

add a new layer - move down - floodfill white

open the animation in AS
copy one frame and paste as new image in psp
copyNpaste it on top of the white background layer
merge layer down

add your tube and name

X-out the backgound layer
merge the rest visible
copy both layers one at the time
and paste them as new animations in AS

duplicate them so you get 8 frames same as the animation
drag the animation onto the background and place it were you see the frame we copied
 repeat with the top layer
change frame properties to 20
done ☺