I am using the art from Jennifer Nilsson
I bought this tube when she was licensed with MyTagArt
do not use this art without a license


My supplies here


Open the supplies
image canvas size 600 X 600
add a new layer
move to botton - floodfill white
new layer floodfill #cb546e

apply my mask and merge group

CopyNpaste the hearts as new image
then go to file export as picture tube
there are three cells across and two down
so this is the setting you should use
give it a name and you can use it in other tags ☺

Open my animation in AS copy a frame and paste it in psp as new image

CopyNpaste your tube and the cow (Just for placing)
 and arrange thing to your liking
and add some of the hearts
when you are happy - delete the cow layer - copy merge
paste in AS as new animation
duplicate the tag to the same amount as the cow animation
and drag it onto your tag
set all frame properties to 25
and then select only frame 8 to set that to 50