This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on March 11th - 2018
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a
free tube from rzhevskii at PFD
but any closeup will do
put the shape in your shapefolder

Shape here
there are more than one shape in this


Open a new layer 500x500 fill white

find the shape - I used fb_simple_g

background color from your tube - with 0
hold shift key down and draw out a shape on your canvas
object aligne - center in canvas - convert to raster

drop shadow +1+1-25-5 and -1-1-25-5

name it shape

selection tool  this setting

start in the middle  and if it's not quite in center
go to selection - edit selection and the selection turns red

and you can move it in place with your move tool
when it's done
chose selection again - and edit selection - now you have marching ants again ☺

add a new layer - fill with color from your tube
keep selection
add your tube and place it
selection invert - hit delete
selection invert again
Modify - selection borders

new layer fill border white - selection non
add anything you want on the tag
add and name

merge all layers above the shape layer visible
and crop your tag

copy on the shape layer - open AS paste as new animation
Effect insert image effect Rotate

leave it and go back to psp
copy on the white background paste as new animation
repeat with all the layers you merged
duplicate both these layers to the same amount as the rotating shape
drag the shape onto the background and the top layers on top

I have a site here, that explaines how to animate