Updated this old tut from 2007 because the old one was not compliant ☺
I'm using a tube from Katerina Koukiotis
she's selling her tubes at Digital Art Heaven
you need a license to use her tubes.
I used an image for this tut

Supplies here

Open a new layer 600 X 450
select two colors from your tube
fill the layer with the darkest color
new layer fill with the lightest
apply the mask - merge group - merge down
Adjust - sharpen more

new layer
 selection all - modify contract 50
*This picture was a bit noisy so I used this filter to remove the noise*
Digital Camera Noise Removal -  default setting

CopyNpaste your tube/picture as new layer
place it inside the selection - selection invert - hit delete - deselect - merge layer down
Select all - float - defloat
selection borders - both sides 3
new layer - fill color
still selected - effect inner bevel

deselect - layer merge down
duplicate twice
use deformtool to turn the two bottom ones a bit
copyNpaste the pin
colorize it to match your tube
add your name with the provided font
when you are happy
merge layers visible
image add a small border 5
save and you're done ☺