This tutorial was written by me April 25 2016
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a tube from Jessica Galbreth you need a license to use her tubes

Kang 1 - bracelets for Mona
Xero - greyscaler if you want a B/W see bottom of the page
I used one of Jellykas fonts


Open a new layer 500 x 500 it needs to be a square
" if you make it smaller the filter settings don't work"
you can resize later if needed ☺

floodfill white
Kang 1 - bracelets for Mona with this setting

layers duplicate - image flip

add your tube & Name

New layer - flood fill black
select all - selection contract 12 - hit delete - select non

in the layer pallet move the slider to 10 on the "copy of raster1"

copy merge - open AS - paste as new animation
back in psp move the slider to 20
then 30-40 e.t.c. up to 100

Select the first and last frame - set frame properties to 100
hold shift key down and select frame 2 to 9 set frame properties to 15
now select all frames - copy
select the last frame - paste after current frame
and why they are still selected - animation revers frames

Done ☺