This tutorial was written by me September 22 - 2019

any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using this adorable tube from Katerina Koukiotis you need a license to use this tube
available at DAH

Shape here, drop it in the preset shape folder
Filter needed: EyeCandy 5 Texture
and a brush of choice


Open a new layer 500 x 500
select the swirl preset
set your foreground to a dark color from your tube
and a lighter for your background - stroke width 2
draw out a shape on your canvas
turn it a bit so it's more horizontal
convert to raster
copyNpaste your tube - I resized 85% three times
duplicate your tube and move one layer behind the swirl layer, so we have
carefully erase the part of the top tube
we want it to look like they are inside the swirl
then erase the swirl just behind the tube
this is how mine looks

drop shadow on your bottom tube and the swirl
crop merge opaque
add a new layer - move to bottom - fill white
add a layer and stamp your brush
add proper and your name
I used Gaheris
now select the swirl layer
EyeCandy 5 - textures - texture noise

copy merge - open AS paste as new animation
back in PSP undo
hit the random seed button
copy merge open AS paste after current frame
repeat one more time
Done ☺