Open the supplies in psp and export the two brushes
I use a tube from Jessica Dougherty bought when she was with CILM
you can get a license to use her art at CDO

Filter: Xenofex 2 - constellation
My supplies here
Export the two brushes

Open a new rasterlayer 600 X 600 floodfill white
select a heart shape from your preset shapes
set background to pattern Checkerboard large stroke 0 it comes with psp9 
 this setting

draw out a heart on your canvas convert to raster
image duplicate and turn them a bit with raster deform tool
and drop shadow them, I used default setting
draw out another heart using the valentine paper
but change Scale to 100
copyNpaste the bow and the rest of the supplies as new layers
place everything to your liking
add the text brush on a new layer color black
write your name and
add a new layer on top of the white background layer
and stamp with the circle brush a few times add drop shadow
effect Xenofex 2 - constellation

apply copy merge
open AS paste as new animation
back in psp undo
apply effect again hitting random button
paste after current frame in AS
keep doing that for a total of three frames
save with default settings ☺