This tutorial was written by me december 20 - 2011
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.
I'm using a tube from Janice Leotti you need a license to use her tubes
you can get one at CDO
do not use the same tube without a license

Filters needed: AAA fotoframe

My supplies here
you also need a sparkel brush of choice


Open my background
effect AAA frame - default settings only change the width to 30
copy and paste as new layer
select all - contract 31 - hit delete - select non
copyNpaste your tube between the two layers
duplicate and mirror blend mode on the duplicate to soft light
add sparkel brush several places with a light color
I used #e8f6ff
add and your name - I used TKDoodle

copy merge - open AS paste as new animation
duplicate for a total of four frames
open my animation - select all on both
and drag the animation onto your tag
save with default settings ☺