I have re-written this old tut from 2009 because the old one was not compliant ☺
I'm using a tube from Gennadiy Koufay
sadly he's no longer selling tubes :(
I bought mine when he was with CILM

Supplies here

Open a new layer 500 x 500
fill white
new layer
texture settings - like this

paint brush this setting

and paint brush 2/3 of your canvas
new layer
selection tool - rectangle
draw out a selection like this

fill the seletion with color #202020
Effect - texture effect

drop shadow
add the small frame - click inside with magic wand - modify expand 3
copyNpaste your tube - place it inside the selection
  selection invert - hit delete - select non
move the frame on top of your tube
merge down - drop shadow
repeat again and select another piece of your tube
place your frames and delete the part that of the chain that are to long
add the screws

*I selected the rectangle layer
and added my name - I used Mussica Swash
and dragged it out so is filled the layer*
but it's up to you ☺ where you want your name

merge and save ♥

Written June 27 - 2017