This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on November 2 - 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

I am using the art of Amberly Berendson  please visit MTA for a license
do not use the same tube without a license

Filter: EyeCandy 5 Nature

I made the supplies the picture is to me
supplies here

Put the shapes in your shape folder and the frame in frame folder

Open a new raster layer 600 X 600
select all copyNpaste my picture into selection - select non
add a couple of clouds from picture tube tool
layer merge down

set background color to a color from your tube
I used #b9d0d6

find and chose one of the shapes provided
antialias and creat as vector ticked width 0
and draw out one in the left side of your canvas
convert to raster
effect inner bevel

drop shadow
duplicate and mirror
image picture frame and apply my frame

add your tube and proper
write your name with the font provided with a light color from your tube
adjust sharpen

select the background layer
effect EyeCandy 5 Nature - ripples
chose Single drop over time 01 with these settings

copy merge open AS paste as new animation
back in psp undo
apply effect again same setting but change Time to 2
copy merge paste after current frame
keep changing Time one number each time
for a total of six frames in AS
set frame properties to 15 save as gif ☺