I am using the art of Janna Prosvirina you can get a license to use her art here
do not use the same tube without a license

My supplies here
put the shape in your shape folder
I made this animation do not share
in other tutorials without my permission.

Open a new layer 600 X 600 flodfill white

chose two colors from your tube
I used foreground #f1e1b7 background #812a2a
find the shape provided and draw out a shape on your canvas
create as vector and antialias checked width 3
convert to raster
click inside with magicwand - modify expand 3
new layer
floodfill with one of your colors
copyNpaste the flowers into selection - select non
move this below the frame layer
add drop shadow to the frame
copyNpaste the "bottom" as new layer
note! if you resize it you have to resize the animation as well.
copyNpaste the hearts and your tube of choice

add properę and your name
I used RugeBoogie

copy merge open AS paste as new animation
duplicate so you end up having 4 frames
open my animation
select all on both - hit propagate paste botton
and drag my animation onto your tag
set frame properties to 15
save as gif ☺