Filters needed: EyeCandy 4000
VanDerLee snowflakes

Supplies here
the background is ©to me
I used a tube from Mashi for a license visit cilm
do not use the same tube without a license

Open a new raster layer 600 X 600 floodfill white

preset shapes tool find 8shape geo
Anti alias and creat as vector checked - linestyle solid Width 3
choose two colors from your tube and draw out a selection on your canvas
convert to raster and drop shadow of choice
duplicate twice for a total of three layers
lets call them dot layers ☺

Elipse tool - draw circle
close background color
foreground one of the colors you chose - Width 9
draw out a circle for your tube
convert to raster
click inside with magicwand - modify expand 2
color my picture using Hue & Saturation to fit your tube
and copyNpaste it as new layer
place it in the selection - seletion invert hit delete - select non
move it under the circle - drop shadow the circle 
and effect texture effect blinds

now add your tube of choice and proper ©
write your name I used MC Twinkle Star  stroke 1

select one of the dot layers
effect EyeCandy HSB noice

select the next "dot" layer apply effect again hitting random button
repeat on the last one
close two of them

now select the picture layer
select all - float - defloat
effect VanDerLee - snowflakes

select non - copy merge
open AS paste as new animation
back in psp - undo the snow effect
apply effect again but change the random seed 3395
select non
close the dot layer and open the next
copy merge - paste after current frame in AS
in psp go back and undo the snow
apply it again
set random seed to 2000
close the second dot layer open the last one
copy merge
paste after current frame
save as gif with default setting ☺