This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on April 10th 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental.

My supplies here
I don't know who made the tube I used
so I have supplied my own flower with birds here

Filter needed
Filter VM Instant Art

Open the supplies in psp
select the label

Image canvas size 630 X 550
copyNpaste the tube as new layer
turn it using raster deform tool and place it on the label like mine

add a new layer - select all and copyNpaste the Sunflower into selection - select non
move it under the label layer and drop shadow it
Filter VM Instant Art - Spider Web with these settings
I have this filter imported into Filter Unlimited so don't be confused by the screenshot ☺

effect inner bevel

new layer and chose one of the butterflies from your picture tube tool
place it to your liking

add a new layer drag it to the bottom floodfill white
add your name/watermark

now to the animation

select the tube layer and use freehand selection tool and click around this sunflower seed

copy - delete - select non
paste as new layer
move this one in the same place as the one you just deleted
layers duplicate 7 times so you end up having 8 seed layers
now line them up like mine below
and use raster deform tool to turn the 5 bottom seed layers a bit
this is how mine looks

X out all the seed layers and copy merge
open AS paste as new animation
back in psp open the top seed layer
copy merge - in AS paste after current frame 
back in psp close this layer open the next
copy merge - paste after current frame
keep doing that until you run out of seed layers

 select the first and the last frame and change frame properties on these two to 200
the rest of the frames default setting

save as gif and your done ☺