This tutorial was written by me, Zuzzanna on March 10 2010
any resemblance to any other tutorial is completely coincidental
I am using the art of Piombo bought from MTA
Background pictures are mine and in the supplies


Filters needed: Flaming Pear - flood
Eye Candy 5 impact
My supplies here
do not share my supplies in other tutorials without my permission.

Put the shapes in your preset shapes folder


Open a new layer 600 X 600 floodfill white
Select preset shape tool and find the balls3
foreground 0 background to a color from your tube
draw out a ball on your canvas
object align center in canvas

convert to raster
Effect Eye Candy Impact - glass and again set the glass color to fit your tube

now use your freehand selection - point to point
and select all around the hole in the ball like this

copyNpaste my picture as new layer
place it in the selection - select invert - hit delete - select non
move it under the ball layer
add drop shadow to the ball

copyNpaste the fan and the tube as new layers
resize both to your liking and drop shadow them

select your white background layer and add a new layer
floodfill with a lighter color
apply the mask - merge group

write your name with the font

select the picture layer
use your freehand selection - point to point
and select the part of the water you can see

Effect flaming Pear - flood

select non
copy merged
open AS and paste as new animation
back in PSP undo flood effect
apply flood again but this time hit the random botton
repeat so you end up with 4 frames in AS
select all and change the frame properties to 20
save as gif ☺